My sculptures vacillate between malleability and stability giving a tangible form to my feelings, memories and ideas. Energy flows directly into each piece, incorporating the spirit and desire, emerging emotions and thoughts as each piece develops.

Balance and harmony dictate the movement and specify when a project has taken its final form. Regarding the question as to how I understand when my work is completed, my answer is when I feel that all the forms, curves and aspects communicate; to sum it up, when I feel a sense of calm and deep peace viewing my work.

I am mainly inspired by organic forms as well as anything around me that reveals a natural contradiction. It is difficult to resist the charm of the seascape and not be inspired by the feeling that livens you up. The element of the sea, the beauty of the seabed, along with the pace and movement of waves, mold images deep inside me and through the clay they get substance. I want the static form of the material to come into conflict with the sculpture’s tendency to wave in space, creating illusions.

My aim is to imagine yourself tiny, moving through the forms which succeed each other. It looks like a labyrinth where you cannot find the path for your journey, unless you peer into it and let yourself be part of it. Absorb the rhythm of the curves from any angle, drift softly and let your thoughts be all over the place.

The forms communicate with each other in order to tell you a story. The story is based on the feelings that manifest upon gazing at an abstract form, not being able to completely understand it in those first moments. My purpose is for every person to create its own story, based on the individual’s personality and influences.

The view of a sunset, the sound of the waves, a scent in the air and so many others, awaken feelings that cannot be controlled or explained. My point is to give form to my emotions, memories, experiences and subconsciously awaken your feelings.  Art is a timeless medium of expression, where one can communicate with everyone, transcending any language barriers.